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Flash Question...

I need some help with a Flash/actionscript problem I'm having and I know it'll be something really simple yet...

I've done a few galleries (for finishing up a website) and so that it's less easier for people to swipe piccies and that it's easier in future to update the gallery etc. I've made the actionscript link to external images and when I tested the movie it all worked perfecly yet when I embedded the flash movie into the .htm page the movie will work but the external images won't load. I read somewhere that if I changed the external .jpegs to external .swf's it may work and it does exactly the same so any idea's any one?

It will be something stupid I know it will (always is) and I've checked the actionscript over and over and no bugs are coming up when I play the movie in flash but for some reason I just can't get the external images to load.

Grrrr Any help would be appreciated.

Oh I'm using Dreamweaver and Flash 8 btw along with Firefox. :P
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